There’s been a 31% increase in the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging devices over the past year, reflecting increasing levels of electric vehicle ownership in the UK according to official statistics from the UK Government. Alongside this, new building regulations introduced in June call for electric vehicle charging provisions to be provided in all new buildings, as well as large offices and supermarkets undergoing renovations, which will further accelerate this trend.

Under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, electric vehicle charging equipment should be maintained, routinely checked, inspected and tested in line with their manufacturer’s recommendation.

Our insurer partner Allianz provides inspections for Mode 3 electric vehicle (EV) charging points to help ensure they work efficiently and safely.

For example engineer surveyors inspect Mode 3 smart vehicle charging installations located in commercial and industrial locations. This can be done as a standalone inspection or as an addition to a fixed wiring electrical inspection. They will then provide a report of inspection indicating the level of electric safety and compliance, along with recommendations for further action.

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