We were saddened to witness another terror attack in London last November and loss of life. Emergency services immediately responded by putting an inner and outer cordon in place around both the immediate vicinity of the attack but also around local points of interest, as per their standard operating procedures. It is reassuring to see that many lessons have been learned regarding containment and reaction time, post the 2017 Borough Market attacks, which certainly saved further loss of life.

These horrific attacks can also have an immediate and substantial effect on local businesses, especially those that rely heavily on footfall, – and unfortunately, some have found out the hard way that their insurance cover doesn’t necessarily provide the support they would expect. Although businesses may not always suffer any physical damage resulting from an attack, they can experience reduced custom for days and sometimes weeks after an event. It’s therefore key that any Terrorism Insurance cover that is in place can react quickly and support businesses through this difficult time.

Through our insurer partner Geo Specialty who have created an insurance wording to bridge the gap in cover we can offer you and your business peace of mind if you are a direct victim of a Terrorist event, or if you are just caught up in the consequential business interruption or loss of attraction thereafter.

To find out more about Terrorism Insurance and particularly the importance of non damage denial of access cover with no waiting period, please talk to us on 020 3907 7866.