All activities must only be taken in line with the current guidance issued by HM Government:

Here is some guidance to follow for lone working in temporarily vacated properties.

Physically Inspecting/Checking Premises vacated during the current period on a lone working basis must be in accordance with the current HSE Guidance for Lone Working Conditions.

Some things to consider in ensuring lone workers are not put at risk include:

  • Assessing areas of risk including violence, manual handling, the medical suitability of the individual to work alone and whether the workplace itself presents a risk to them
  • Requirements for training, levels of experience and how best to monitor and supervise them
  • Having systems in place to keep in touch with them and respond to any incident
  • When you enter the premises. do not touch door handles or keypads without wearing disposable gloves and follow current NHS guidelines on washing hands/sanitising hard surfaces.


Source: AXA Insurance