There’s no doubt that the electric vehicle, be it plug-in hybrid, self-charging hybrid or sole electric is here to stay. The question is, how different are they and what should you be aware of?

The main challenge for the public has been classed as range anxiety, ‘can I reach my destination?’ Followed closely by, ‘how do I charge the vehicle when I don’t have off street parking?’

The infrastructure for electric vehicles is constantly improving, as is access to the technology that can tell you where you can charge your vehicle, and even if the charging point is free. The secret is in the planning.

People in the motor vehicle repair and recovery industry are now more likely to come across E&HVs and as a result need to be aware of the additional hazards they may be exposed to when working with these vehicles. They may also need to develop a wider range of skills and knowledge and have access to specialist tools and equipment in order to be able to work safely.

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