If you’re having building work carried out on your property, it nearly always increases risk

Many properties undergo renovation or development, and some works increase the risk of damage to the property’s structure or contents more than others. Before works commence, you need to let us know about any changes or alterations you’re planning on making to the structure of your property costing upwards of £25,000.

It is generally a condition of insurance policies that you advise insurers before work starts and if you don’t, you risk invalidating your insurance and not being able to claim for any damage to your home whilst the property is undergoing building work.

Your insurer doesn’t need to know about cosmetic changes to the interior of your home, like painting the walls, re-tiling your bathroom or putting up some shelves but it’s worth noting that most home insurance policies exclude accidental damage as a result of buildings alterations, renovations, extensions or repairs.

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