Attention all Landlords and Property Owners:

New data released by our insurer partner Zurich revealed that just four balcony fires in 2019 caused almost £9m worth of damage as the fires spread to neighbouring flats or entire buildings in some cases.

• Almost £9m worth of damage was caused last year by just four balcony blazes
• Vast majority of balcony fires in 2019 started by BBQ use and discarded smoking materials
• In London alone, official figures show there have been 550 balcony fires in just three years
• Zurich’s data reveals that the insurer paid out over £210m for fire damage in 2019, an increase of 48% since 2018
• Last year Zurich policyholders spent over 21 weeks in alternative accommodation following fires in their homes
• Modern methods of construction, including timber framed buildings, combustible cladding, wooden balconies and modular units add to the risk of balcony fires

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