While the UK has one of the most reliable power networks in the world, reduced gas supplies this winter could result in power outages, with very little, if any, notice.

While the probability is currently low, it’s the most vulnerable we’ve been to disruption for decades, with January and February expected to be the months of highest risk.

Our insurer partner AXA have created a guide to help your pre-planning assessment, emergency response discussions and training.

The potential blackouts could have a range of impacts, including:

– Immediate impact on residents and any commercial tenants.

– Loss of lighting, pumped water supplies, heating and cooking facilities.

– Increased safety risks to residents and visitors.

– Disruption to telephone communications.

– Impact on fire and security protection systems.

– Increased crime.

Pre-planning for such an event will help you increase resilience, maintain safety and minimise disruption.

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