With an increase in stormy weather in the UK, here’s a useful checklist to help you protect your home.

  1. Check exterior drains – Is rainwater flowing away?
  2. Check guttering for damage or debris – So water can flow away easily
  3. Check for cracks in brick work or render – It could allow water ingress
  4. Check for any leaks – In and around windows and doors
  5. Check the loft – For any hidden leaks
  6. Check outside drainage – Ensure areas don’t breach damp course heights, e.g. patios, decking or driveway
  7. Check garden furniture – Make sure items are tied down and secure so they can’t cause damage, e.g trampolines
  8. Tree safety – Check trees near your property are healthy and not likely to fall or cause damage
  9. Inspect flat roofs for damage or leaks – Flat roofs in particular have a shorter lifespan
  10. Check tiles on roof – For loose or cracked tiles or slates
  11. Check mortar on chimney – Ensure it is in good condition and not degraded