GPS Insurance Brokers looks after businesses across many sectors. We have seen that the last two years made our businesses ‘digital’ whether we like it or not.

We believe that you can reduce the risks that have arisen around tech while adding value to your business.

Our top tips come thanks to Digital Transformation and Risk expert Rafi Bloom of Salvatore who turned his experience with Bloomberg and others into a tech-driven advisory agency for non-tech companies.

1. Trust has become a major factor when people choose who to do business with

Anyone in your organisation should be able to explain how you deal with your clients’ data. Data Privacy and Protection policies should be in clear, plain English both for your own staff and third parties. Keep your internal and external policies up-to-date for defensibility and take active steps to avoid data breaches

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2. Your Sales Database is a business-critical asset – protect it!

Access to your CRM and electronic communications are vital to protect your business from interruptions, and with an increasingly mobile workforce this has become essential.

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3. GDPR is still a thing – don’t let it hold you back from bigger business

Doing business with others means being able to show you comply with data regulations, and often this means filling in long questionnaires or gaining certification to Cyber Essentials+

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